Jake our birding expert
Join Jake as he teaches us about birds.

Birding With Jake / Mallards

Outdoor Adventures' staff is committed to providing students and community members with content that teaches new skills, provides fun ways to get outside, and that keeps everyone laughing throughout this special circumstance.

Birding is a great way to experience the great outdoors, right outside of your home. Jake Trusheim, Outdoor Adventures guide and trainer is the perfect person to host this new video series "Birding with Jake." He brings humor and insight to the wonderful world of birding. New episodes will be uploaded every other Wednesday at noon. In addition to Jake's videos, we have created content to help get you get outside and adventuring responsibly!

Birding with Jake Video Series


Birding with Jake


Full Name: Jake Trusheim

Hometown: Upper Saddle River, NJ

Major/Degree: Spanish and Conservation Biology. Class of 2019!

Favorite Adventure Activities: Soccer, Rock Climbing, Backpacking, Mountain Biking

Super Power: To speak all of the world's languages


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