Commonly Seen Birds in the Davis Arboretum

Commonly Seen Birds in the Davis Arboretum

Like Birding with Jake? Want to get out there and identify some birds for yourself? For those in the Davis area, here is a top 10 list of birds commonly seen in the Davis Arboretum. Based on survey data taken over 15 years. Additionally, most of these birds were actually confirmed to be nesting in the arboretum, so look out for hatchlings! 


If you want to keep track of the birds you identify, print out this Field Checklist prepared by the Davis Museum of Wildlife and Fish Biology. To learn more, visit the Arboretum website

To learn more about these local birds and many others, search them by name here in the Audubon Field Guide. Most bird profiles include recordings of their calls and songs!

*Photo from the National Audubon Society


#1 Mallard 

*Photo by László Glatz


#2 California Scrub-Jay - 99

*Photo by Erin


#3 European Starling

*Photo by John Yunker


#4 Yellow-billed Magpie - 78

Photo by Allan Hack


#5 Nuttall's Woodpecker

Photo by Mike & Noemi Gonzalez


#6 Anna's Hummingbird

Photo by Bryan Hanson


#7 Black Phoebe

Photo by James Hammond


#8 Green Heron

Photo by Charles Jackson


#9 House Finch

*Photo by Jeremy Stanley


#10 Barn Swallow

*Photo by Vincent van Zalinge


*All images from and 

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